Canada Permanent Residency

GIECGlobal is the best consultancy for getting permanent residency in Canada. We are the leading agency for Canada PR. If you are looking to migrate to Canada and want to settle down there then it is important for you to understand the whole process as well as get your eligibility checked before moving. As per your eligibility, our agents will guide you through the whole process of applying for permanent residency like Canada pr new rules, advantages, CRS Score, restrictions, and required documents.

What is the meaning of getting a Permanent Residency Card or Canada PR Visa?

Permanent residency in Canada or Canada PR visa is required when you decide to move to Canada permanently. After residing there for three years, you can apply for citizenship in Canada. Once you get citizenship, you become a Canadian means you will get all the rights similar to a Canadian person, from health insurance to education. as well as voting rights.

Limitations of a permanent residency visa

Canada PR visa holders have no voting rights as well as they can’t work in the government departments or do government jobs. Apart from this, they have to live in Canada for 2 years at least else, their visa will get canceled.

How is a Permanent Resident Advantageous for me?

There are many advantages to getting PR in Canada:

You can easily work and study in any part of Canada.

You can enjoy lower educational fees like a Canadian Citizen

You are safeguarded by the Canadian laws similar to other citizens of Canada

After spending 3 years, you can apply for permanent citizenship in Canada.




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