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According to the QS world Ranking, universities in UK like Stanford University, London Business School, Imperial College London, University of Leeds, and many more are highly ranked universities in terms of infrastructure, academics, research work, and other curricular activities. Incredibly Diverse Crowds make it different from other Nations. Every year people from across the world come together to expand or share their knowledge, learnings, and experiences in different universities of us. Malala Yousufzai, Lee khan yew, and Albert Einstein are some of the famous personalities who completed their education in the UK and made history.

Benefits of studying in UK in 2024

International recognized university

There are half of the UK universities are ranked in the top fifty best universities in the world. These universities have a global reputation for their excellent designed academic structure which is focused on the practical knowledge of students.

Quality Education

The quality of education which UK provides to its students is inspected every year by QAA (Quality Assurance and accreditation) to check the status of teaching, results, placements, and research of universities for their students. The Indian education system is based in the UK.

Opportunities offered by the UK Education system

There is a wide variety of choices available in study fields and institutions for students. To remove the language barrier among students UK has started its English language support to help you develop your language skills and increase your chance of employment. The duration of courses is shorter in UK, so the tuition fee and accommodation costs can be reduced.

Unique Culture  

You will get to know about People with different skills, nature, and talents from every part of the world here and UK is the best place to get international exposure, its highly ranked universities attract students from all over the world.

Post-Study Work Visa  

Undergraduate immigration route, you can stay back and work in the UK after completion of your graduation for 2 years. During your graduation you can-do part-time jobs, internships, College societies/clubs, outings, trips, or events of your university and finance your expenses, and can build your CV for your placements.

Strong Fesearch Framework

The strong research framework of UK is world-leading and its government spends around £2 Billion on its research work for their public universities.

Top 5 Universities in UK to study in 2024

University of Oxford

The University of oxford is a collegiate Research University in Oxford, England. Its Teaching process Started in 1096, Oldest University in the English-Speaking World. It is the world’s second-oldest university. Its Motto is ‘’Dominus illuminati MEA, the lord is my Light Which means at every instant everything derives its existence from his continued Creative act. Its Tuition fee Lie Between $28,950 and $44,240.

Oxford University

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is a public Collegiate Research University in Cambridge, England. It was Founded in 1209 and granted a Roy Charter by King Henry in 1231. It is the world’s third-oldest university. University of Cambridge’s motto is ‘’Hank Lucem at Pocola Sacra’’ which means May this house Flourish. Its tuition fee is approximately $10,637.5.

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is a public research university in Manchester, England.  It is known as Red Brick University. Its motto is knowledge, Wisdom, and humanity. Its QS ranking is 28 (2023), Academic Ranking of World universities (2022) is thirty-eight, and Times Higher Education (2023) is 54.

King’s College London

King’s College London is a public research university located in London, England. It was Founded in 1829, in London, UK. Its tuition fee is 23000 – 31000 GBP (2023). The College Motto is Sancta it sapient Which means with Holiness and with wisdom.

Why Tuition fee in UK is Expensive?

UK lags behind other countries in terms of affordable education. The study showed that more UK students have part-time jobs during term than in most other countries. The main reason behind this is the lack of government funding for universities. Depending on the student’s ability to pay the price, a majority of the institutions offer financial aid and loans to international applicants which help to reduce the stress of paying fees to some extent. The Types of scholarships universities provide to their students are on the following bases: –

  1. Academics Scholarship – This is usually given to those students who have a strong academic background in their school and colleges exam.
  2. Disability Scholarship – These scholarships support international students with a disability, long-term mental health condition, learning difficulty, or other special Needs.
  3. Performance-based Scholarship – Those who have exceptional ability in an extracurricular activity such as sports, music or performing arts like drama or dance.
  4. Subject-specific Scholarships – These are often offered by individual departments for students studying a particular course or subject.
  5. Equal access or Sanctuary scholarship – This scholarship can take the form of a tuition fee reduction or a fee waiver or a maintenance award and is offered to refugees of other countries.

 How to overcome your personal expenses to study in UK in 2024?

While exploring a new place with your friends, have you ever been in a situation where you are losing money out of your pocket if you have not researched about the available student discount in UK, you are really missing out on something. If you don’t want, to regret later about the management of your personal expense have a look at some student cards for yourself mentioned below: –

  1. NUS (National Union of Students) cards – Nu’s card will help you in getting mega bus rides and online shopping.
  2. Young person card – 1/3 discount on the train ticket.
  3. Oyster card – If you are studying in London, you can save on food, accommodation, and travel while you are a student in this country.

What is the Pathways program?

 The pathway is for those students who do not meet their direct entry requirements. Most of the pathway programs in UK last for 1 or 1.5 years. It covers the Foundation or basics of a specific academic discipline and brushes up the language skills of an international student.  After completion of the pathway program, students got direct admission to UK universities. Many universities in UK give relaxation in the separate application process for bachelor’s and master’s programs.

Pathway Toward PR (permanent residency) in UK in 2024

Get accepted by universities in UK

Every university has its own eligibility criteria and different document requirements. But some of the common documents which will be asked by all universities are as follows:

  1. Marksheets of the previous education
  2. English proficiency test (Some of the universities in UK provide an IELTS wavier)
  3. SOP (Statement of purpose)
  4. LOR (Letter of recommendation)
  5. Certificate of Extracurricular activities

How to apply for UK Student Visa in 2024?

  You have to apply for a tier 4 visa i.e., the longest student visa PR in UK. It is recommended that you should apply 3 months before your course start. Prepare your documents Checklist fast as mentioned below:

  1. A valid passport completed visa application form.
  2. Passport size photograph
  3. Valid evidence to prove you can support yourself to finance your studies in UK i.e., Bank statement.
  4. CAS (Confirmation of acceptance for studies) form provided by the institution.
  5. Tuberculosis Test results
  6. English proficiency Test

Its application fee for a visa is 330 Pounds and the Healthcare fee is £150 each year which is important if you are planning to get PR.

  • Work during your studies in UK – In UK you will find many of the students working part-time, on holiday breaks, or full-time, for financing your studies. Tier 4 visa allows you to work 20 HRS per week.
  • Getting Employed – If you are planning to work in UK, apply for a work permit of a 2-year post-study work visa i.e., Tier -2 (which allows the visa holder to work in the United Kingdom).
  • Apply for a permanent Residency in UK – You can apply for a permanent residence card in UK after completing 5 full years of a graduate job to become a permanent resident. Applicants need to get an indefinite leave to remain visa (ILR). It is important to have a full-time job with no criminal record. Documents that are required for pr are as follows.
  • Passport
  • Two passport photographs
  • Digital prints of ten fingers
  • Signature
  • Name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Present immigration status
  • Present studying or working status
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