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General Work Permit

The Irish General Work Permit is an employment permit which allows a non-EU citizen to work legally in Ireland for an employer in a particular occupation. The permit is initially granted for two years. This employment permit is granted to applicants with job offer. Unlike the Critical Skills Employment Permit the General Employment Permit covers all occupations unless other specified.

Employer Details

To be eligible for an Ireland Work Permit, your job offer needs to be from an employer registered and trading in Ireland. At least 50% of the employees have to be EEA nationals, unless the company is a start-up. There is a requirement to have a minimum number of EEA nationals employed with the Irish entity. Exemptions may apply for start-ups.

Who Should Apply

Either the employee or the employer can apply for this Ireland work permit, and the application will need to include evidence that it has not been possible to find an EEA or Swiss national to fill the position. Visit Eligibility tab for more information.

Irish Work Permits
Salary Requirement

Job positions where the remuneration is above €30,000 qualify for work permits. In exceptional circumstances, work permits may also be considered where the remuneration is less than 30,000 from eligible non–EEA graduates and from applicants with a fluency in a non-EEA language, to companies with formal support from the State enterprise development agencies.

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Work Permit Requirements

To be eligible for an Ireland Work Permit, you need a job offer from an employer which is registered and trading in Ireland. The position must have been advertised with the FÁS/EURES employment network for 2 weeks and additionally in local and national newspapers, for three days, to ensure that, in the first instance a national of the EEA or Switzerland, or in the second instance a national of Bulgaria or Romania, cannot be found to fill the vacancy. Evidence that this has been done must be included with the application.

It is only possible to obtain an Ireland Work Permit for certain occupations or salary levels:

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