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South Africa is a key player in the economic boom that Africa is undergoing. As these countries modernise and grow, the demand for skilled talent continues to rise. The South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa is your key to working and settling in South Africa. One of the most beautiful countries in the world, South Africa has seen a dramatic rise in its economic and cultural profile in the past two decades. It also has a thriving expat community with Indian, British, Dutch and other nationalities calling it home. Y-Axis can help you leverage this opportunity and establish yourself in South Africa.

Visas for Immigration to South Africa

Foreign individuals who are interested in immigration to South Africa have the option to choose between various visas and permits which would depend on the reason for visit as well as duration of stay. Immigrants can opt for either temporary residence visas or permanent residence permits. The following types of visas are applicable for persons interested in South Africa immigration

South African Business Visa

The South African Business visa enables entrepreneurs to live in South Africa and establish a new line of local business or invest in one that already exists. Person’s who apply for this visa should have a minimum investable amount of 5 million INR for the purpose and a certificate from an accountant who is registered with the South African institute of Chartered Accountants in order to confirm that the investor has the required funds for investment.

South African Critical Skills visa

The South African Critical Skills visa is intended to help the country acquire the necessary skills and expertise to meet goals that have been set in their national economic infrastructure projects. An immigrant should have adequate experience in an occupation that is listed on the South African Critical Skills list. The visa is granted for a period of time that can extend up to 5 years and successful applicants can take their immediate and dependent family members with them on the visa.

Eligibility criteria

Individuals who apply for the Critical Skills work visa are required to meet the following criteria:

South African general work visa

The South African general work visa enables foreign nationals to opt for South Africa immigration and live in the country for a maximum duration of 5 years to work in job roles that are currently facing a shortage of labour. Successful applicants can take their family members such as children and spouse with them on the visa. Applicants will need to satisfy the following eligibility criteria

South African Intra-Company Transfer visa

The South African Intra-Company Transfer visa entitles employees working in multinational companies to obtain a transfer from a branch outside South Africa to a branch in the country for a maximum period of 4 years. Applicants for this visa have to meet the following eligibility conditions

South African Retired Persons’ visa

The South African Retired Persons’ visa enables retired persons and senior citizens to immigrate to South Africa in their golden years if they successfully meet the requirements for this visa. Persons who apply for South Africa immigration on this visa are allowed an initial stay of 4 years which can be extended indefinitely. The applicant even brings his spouse and dependent children with him on this visa. The applicant will have to meet the following eligibility criteria

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