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The UK has traditionally been one of the world’s leading educational destinations. It boasts of centuries old universities that have a legacy of producing the finest minds in the world. Today, it remains one of the best destinations for students seeking high quality education and a welcoming educational environment. We help students at every step of their UK admissions process. We have the experience and comprehensive service package to make your student journey stress free and help you begin your education at the right time, in the best possible university.


The United Kingdom (UK) and its universities have an undisputed reputation for academic excellence and quality with thousands of courses available for students, as well as being an ideal destination for many decades for over a million international students from all over the world.


Tuition fees vary between 4 countries that comprise the UK: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The fees can vary widely depending on the type of program you choose and the university you decide to study at.

Study ProgramAverage Tuition fee in GBP (£)
Undergraduate Program£6,000 to £16,000 yearly
Postgraduate master’s Program£10,000 to £20,000 yearly
Doctoral Degree£13,000 to £29,000 yearly


The academic year in the UK runs from September to July. Universities and Colleges in the UK have 3 intakes and some of them may also refer to intake as a term. The 3 intakes available in the UK are:

Intake 1:Term 1 – It commences in September/October and is the major intake
Intake 2:Term 2 – It commences in January / February intake is also available
Intake 3:Term 3 – It commences in May/June and is available for selected Courses.


Student Applicant



You will generally need the following for your CANADA Student Visa application:


  1. How can I apply for UK student visa?

    You can apply for UK student visa by submitting proof of acceptance at a full-time course in a UK university. our expert consultants can guide you in selecting the right university that fits your needs as well as help you throughout the application process and visa process.

  2. How much does it cost to study in UK?

    The cost for studying in UK will vary depending on the course, degree and the university that you wish to study in. reach out to us for a free consultation to personalize the details based on your own unique profile and needs as well as to discuss possible financial aid packages that can be applicable to you.

  3. What are the requirements for student visa in UK?

    Students who are planning to study at Bachelor’s or Master’s level in the United Kingdom will need to apply for the Tier 4 visa, which is based on a number of eligibility criteria, primary among them being:

    1. Proof of English language proficiency
    2. Proof of funds
    3. Acceptance to a full time course

There are also a number of other criteria based on your personal profile and can be discussed in detail at a free consultation with our expert advisors.

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