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Portugal is a country located in southwestern Europe. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. One of the oldest countries in Europe. Portugal offers a warm climate, the Atlantic Ocean, mountains nearby, a low crime rate, and a relatively low cost of living. Medicine and education are well-developed, and residents are offered tax exemptions. There are many reasons to study in Portugal like affordable fees, pleasant climate, quality education, low cost of living, etc.

Reasons to study in Portugal in 2024

The Excellent Universities

Portugal is a country where you will find reputed universities with good rankings all over the world. Portugal Universities ranked among the top 50 universities all over the world. Portugal universities, colleges, medical schools engineering schools, and law schools are highly respected and well-known in the education and academic communities, and they offer reputable bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs.

The Low Cost of Living

Portugal is the cheapest country in Western Europe and Lisbon is one of the cheapest big cities in Europe. So, if you are on a very tight budget you will be fine here. Usually, one person can live comfortably with a monthly income of $2,000.

Portugal Welcomes You with Open Arms

The Portuguese are well–known for being hospitable. You’ll be warmly welcomed by the locals, they are going to welcome you with hugs, kisses food, and beer. ­­

Without discriminating against anyone, whether it’s tourists or workers.

It’s A Small Country

Do you have that one friend who’s always telling you how great it is to be short? Well, Portugal is that smaller friend of yours and it has various advantages of being a small country. The Beach is always nearby if you get a free day from schools, universities, or work, you can visit any city in the country for a day trip or visit the beach.

Learn Portuguese – A Global Language

Being in Portugal gives you the advantage to learn Portuguese, a different language. If you learn Portuguese, you’ll be speaking one of the world’s most spoken languages, which will for sure upgrade your CV once you will be graduated and can help you to build relationships with people in different countries.

The Weather – Obviously

Portugal’s weather usually remains sunny. Its weather is always pleasant, you can step out of your house any time. No need to worry about the weather. This is one of the biggest advantages to be in Portugal. Many countries do not have such pleasant weather.

The Atlantic Ocean

The Portuguese have a passion for the ocean that collapses upon the country’s shore. You have the advantage to learn or practice various kinds of water sports like scuba diving spots, world–class waves, surf or body boards, and yachting. Water sports lovers would love to visit here and if also you are not a water sports lover, then also you can just sit and watch the beautiful view of the beach.

All Kinds of Fun

It has all kinds of fun, drinks at trendy bars, clubbing at night, quieter places with a great meal good company at the beach to view sunsets and sunrise, mount biking, and skateboarding. The Portuguese love to have fun.

The Great Portuguese Food

If you are studying in Portugal and you don’t have your family with you, then no need to worry, you will never go hungry. But most of their dishes are based on meat, fish, or eggs.

It Opens Up Doors for your Future

If you study in Portugal, there are many opportunities that you can gain. While you do your degree, there are hundreds of start–ups and small companies who would welcome you, no matter what language you speak. After your degree, if you have good grades, link with the people, and learn Portuguese, doors will open to you in both ways whether it’s a start-up or international business.

Part-Time Job Opportunities

Students from outside the EU/EEA area can work part-time in Portugal for up to 40 hours or more during the holiday and in the summer months. If you issued the permit related to residency then one is applicable to work 20 hours a week and full time during the semester, its breaks, and holidays. If you are following a short-term program (up to 3 months) and only have a Schengen Visa, you are not allowed to work.

Fastest PR

After 5 years of legal residency, you may apply for Permanent Residence Permit. The PR permit will allow you to live and work independently in Portugal.

Top Universities of Portugal to Study in 2024

  1. University of Lisbon
  2. University of Porto
  3. University of Coimbra
  4. University of Aveiro
  5. University of the Algarve
  6. University of Madeira
  7. University of the Azores

Best Paid Jobs in Portugal

  • General Director in the Private Health Sector (€ 120,000 – €150,000 per year)
  • Chief Information Officer (€110,000 – €140,000 per year)
  • Commercial Director (€100,000 – €150,000 per year)
  • Shared Service Center Director (€95,000 – €120,000 per year)
  • E-Commerce Manager (€50,000 – €75,000 per year)
  • Cybersecurity Specialist (€45,000 – €60,000 per year)
  • Machine Learning Specialist (€40,000 + per year)
  • Digital Marketer (€35,000 – €45,000 per year)

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